Roses are Red…

Violets are Blue, I have some sweet friends, but I won’t tell you who…

It might embarrass her.  Remember my lemon bouquet?  That bouquet came three weeks before our Bubbly arrived.  I mentioned my pattern of despair yesterday.  I’m right on target again.  I’m hoping the GhanaDuo is about three-four weeks away from a homecoming, and even that seems too long.  Plus, there are people in this world who occasionally just feel like making other people feel bad about themselves.  The despair came creeping in yesterday along with some not so nice remarks from a “friend”.  It happens, I know, but it felt bad.  I’m not the kind to feel bad about myself, but this adoption has taken its toll.  I wondered if I would have the strength to fight even before we began, I’m really at the end.  This will be our last.  And, change is hard for me.  The idea that our whole lives are about to change is bittersweet.  I’m gaining two beautiful children at the same time that they will lose everything they know.  Sad.  It just all seems so sad.

So, fast forward to this morning.  I like to run early, and when that’s not enough to relieve the depression, I like to clean.  So, I’m scrubbing a toilet in my running attire when the doorbell chimes.  All the kids are still in their pajamas and they come RUNNING to the door.  The beagle is howling and they are all shouting.  I shut the door behind me and there stands the UPS woman.  She says “you look like you need these”.  I smiled and said “you have no idea how much”.  I sign for them and return to the chaos inside.  “Mom, mom what are they?  Is it for us?  Did you order from Amazon? Is it my birthday?”.  The questions from all of them are endless.  “Nope.  This time it’s for me”.  They are stunned.  Not for them? How could that be?!?  I sent them all downstairs to play while I opened it.  ResponsiBoy was the first one to come up.  He looked at the flowers and the bear (I’ve already hidden the chocolates in my walk-in closet) and said “Wow.  Who will you give the bear to?”.  I always answer a question with another leading question so that he might come to the answer on his own.  “Who do you think I should give it to?”.  I thought he would say that I should keep it since it’s a gift for me.  His response stunned me.  “Girls like teddy bears.  I bet GhanaGal has never had a teddy bear in her life.  All the rest of us have bears, she should have one too”.  Wow.  The bear is going with me to Ghana.  A proverbial rainbow on a rainy day.  Thank you friend.

who knows that secretly ResponsiBoy loves his teddy bear, even though he says they’re “for girls”.  GhanaGuy will be getting one too.

7 thoughts on “Roses are Red…

  1. Cool. It sounds like something Shelley would do:) even if it wasn’t her. Hey just remember…this waiting is the EASY part!! It’s when they get home and you have to start parenting them and their issues that is the hard part! Relax and enjoy these last few weeks of you nice sweet cute easy family of seven. You will be a family of nine soon enough and it will be great. But hard!Enjoy the wait!! 🙂

  2. FPM is freaking awesome and deserves so much more than flowers. She is an example to ME in how to be a Christian person and I love her for being real and being so giving. She is a better member of our church( and she isn’t a member of our church) than MANY LDS people I know. She’s truly a thoughtful, loving, Christian woman! She’s amazing and I am so blessed to have her as a friend….and Shannan as a sis in law 🙂 🙂

  3. I knew you were going to do this Shelley! You are such a loving, christian woman and ARE LDS! Just joking. Becky, PLEASE know all is well in Ghana. You better enjoy the time now, it’s all going to be a CRAZIER life when the two sweeties get home.Love you 😀

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