Valentine’s Day.

There is no ice in Ghana.  So, ice skating was a TOTALLY foreign concept to our little Bubbly.  She took to it like a duck to water (which she still hasn’t taken to, she says it will “spoil” her hair).  We always take the kids skating for Valentine’s Day.  Here she is, with her little training contraption.

She did great.  When she did land on her behind though, she could NOT figure out how to pull herself up.  She kind of laid there like a turtle on its back.  Silly girl.  She’ll get it, she has to if she wants that figure skating outfit that she couldn’t take her eyes off.
who is pretty sure she has a future Olympic figure skater living with her.  

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day.

  1. Wait til she sees the Olympic Ice skating, she will LOVE the costumes. Maybe she will give up the dream of beauty pageants for Ice princess!

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