I have a friend who has been my cheerleader through this whole process.  I’m talking an entire YEAR of adoption garbage.  She is the same person who sent me roses a couple of weeks ago.  I would let her remain anonymous, but we outed her in the last post.  So, visit her here on her home planet.  She must have known that I was going to reach my breaking point earlier in the day, because she sent me a whole box of “smiles” today.  Here are some of the contents…
That hand has already been opened and all my children have been “slapped” with it.  They found it highly amusing.  There was also a squirt gun that has already been used on all the children (and the dog) and was then used in the tub during bath time tonight.  The suckers have been passed around and shared amongst the kids (yes, they licked each other’s suckers, eeeuuuwwww).  
There was one more thing in the box that just has to be mentioned.  Here is the Diva inspecting them.  Can you tell what they are?
Hmmm…what could they be? She didn’t know.  Were they a hat?  Alrighty then.

Totally Fun!

Peek a Boo!
In case you still can’t tell, they’re GIANT granny panties!  The kind FPD hopes I never wear.  They were inside a bag labeled “For throwing at Justin Timberlake”.  HA!  Now that’s the kind of smile I needed.  
who prefers Josh Duhamel.  Sorry Fergalicious.  

3 thoughts on “SMILE!!!

  1. Shelley is the BEST friend, isn’t she? LOVE the granny pants. We have both been in the same place you are, and it makes you psychotic. Yes it’s a year to remember and never to be repeated, thank you very much!

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