Got it.

FINALLY!!!  The last piece of paperwork that we need has been submitted to the embassy courtesy of another mom who fought REALLY hard to get it there.  Seriously, we joked that the only thing she hadn’t encountered yet was a goat stampede.  Can you imagine the nightly news?  “And in breaking news goats have stormed the gates of the embassy in Accra forcing it to close for the entire day”.  There would be this poor mom, standing in front of the embassy, waving my paperwork for the third day in a row as goats nearly run her over.  Ridiculous.  Satan’s roadblocks to stop our adoption have been endless.  I’m very blessed to have people who are willing to spur me on to keep fighting, otherwise, evil would have won a long time ago.  Thank you, Kara.

When you give birth you have someone there to deliver the baby, or so I’m told, since I’ve never actually done it.  I have a list of about 20 people that have helped me get my kids here.  Can you imagine having to depend on 20 people to help you become a parent?  I love it.  Do you know how lonely this process would be without them?  People who encouraged me, people who helped me gather paperwork and then helped deliver it, people who hugged my kids when I couldn’t.  There are so many people who have stepped forward to help me.  All these people did it for nothing other than the want to help my kids.  As irritated as I am with some American parents and their greed and disrespect, it is at these moments that I remind myself that there are twice as many who have their hearts exactly in the right place.

who reminds you that goats are smart, so they’ll probably steer clear of the embassy.

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  1. You already know how I feel about that embassy. Bless Kara for braving the impemding goat stampede to deliver your documents! It would not surprise me at all if it actually happened. Still praying for your approval.

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