A FullPlateFamily Wedding.

We had a wedding today at our house.  Middle-Middle (M-M) has two small friends who have been a couple for some time.  This is the happy couple.  
Weenie is on the left, he is a Daschund.  Tiny is on the right, she is a Chihuahua.
Yesterday, as M-M was proudly playing with the happy couple, we began to talk about the cute little Chi-weenies they might someday have.  Because we are a home with Christian values, the other boys promptly reminded us that if these two were to have little Chi-weenies, they had better get hitched first.  So, it began.  
M-M was home from school sick today.  The planning began at about 8am.  Invitations were made, flowers were set up, the glue gun was gathered and the finest in evening wear was crafted.  You’re invited to join us for a very special wedding.   An e-wedding if you will…
The entire FullPlateFamily had a part in this ceremony.  I graciously volunteered my photography services to the happy couple.  FPD did the same with his videography skills.  We even had a celebrity in attendance.  Barbie served as matron of honor for the blushing bride. 

Stunning.  Bubbly was in charge of flowers.  

Gigantobaby was in charge of the rings (crafted from the highest quality craft foam). 

The Diva did her part by napping through the ceremony.  Incidentally, I think one of my relatives napped through my ceremony as well, only he was rude enough to come to the church to do it.  Anywhoo..

Here comes the bride, dressed in a lovely vintage gown loaned to her by the matron of honor.  My original Barbie wore this when she married Ken in about 1984.  I’m old.  

The bride was escorted down the aisle by Responsiboy.

Look at our handsome groom.  Before we knew it, they were officially married by our very own (unofficial) Rev. M-M.  He held a very nice ceremony.  At the end, they tastefully kissed (no slobbering in our house).  

After many jokes from FPD about whether someone had sprung for an open bar.  We all enjoyed cupcakes.  

We hear that the happy couple will be honeymooning in the playroom.  Ahh, wedded bliss.  We wish them a long and happy future together.
who is glad to have something else to occupy her time.  No news from the embassy.  GRRRR…

6 thoughts on “A FullPlateFamily Wedding.

  1. I enjoyed this SO MUCH! I needed a “lift” today, and I’ve smiled through the entire post! I can’t wait to meet the little ChiWeenies. They will be as lovely as their parents, I am sure.This is one of the sweetest posts I’ve read in a long, long time. You are a fun FPMama! I feel honred to have been invited to such a momentous occasion.

  2. What a fun day for your kids, and what silly, happy memories made! :)Perhaps, instead of adding to the sad pet overpopulation issue (especially with chihuahua mixes, which are one of the most common breeds in shelters) they’ll choose to adopt their lovely babies!www.petfinder.com

  3. That is a lovely idea. Since we’re all about adoption around here, I will suggest that the Chi-weenies contact their local Social Worker to begin a home study as soon as they are ready to add to their family. Since this will be a domestic adoption, they won’t have to deal with immigration. –FPM

  4. This is hilarious!! I am totally stealing this idea! So glad to see a fun post with your kids. You guys are a great family. THanks.

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