This is to inform you that the I-600 Petitions filed for GhanaGal and GhanaGuy have been reviewed and approved.  

The case files have since been forwarded to our Consular Section at post.  You will be contacted by the Consular Section on the procedure to be followed, to enable you obtain visas for your adopted children.  

In the interim, for all further inquiries on this case please contact the Consular Section, Accra via e-mail at 

Thank you
USCIS, Accra.

And there it is!!!  Just so happens that just yesterday I got a little tired of the waiting and booked tickets.  I land in Ghana on Tuesday.  I feel like a marathoner in those last 2.2 miles.  I’m told by FPD, who has actually run a few marathons, that those miles are filled with a lot of joy about being able to visualize yourself finishing along with a lot of fear about just how much it’s going to hurt when you’re done.

So, if you read regularly, could you leave a little note for our kids?  We would love to have a little bloggy scrapbook to show them how many people were praying for them during this transition.  As excited as we are for this to finally be over, they’re about to lose everything they know and love to come here.

who absolutely CANNOT sleep.

6 thoughts on “APPROVAL!!!

  1. You mentioned in your last post that you had never given birth. Well, you have, in a different way. I was told that childbirth is as taxing on your body as a marathon. International adoption is just as hard, but it is your heart and your soul and your faith that take the beating. Congratulations! 24 miles down, 2.2 to go. We’ll be at the finish line cheering you to the end!

  2. To GhanaGal and GhanaGuy:Siter Heather is so happy that you are coming home. I love you both and I will always remember playing hide and seek and tickle tag with you.To my beautiful, shy little friend GhanaGal, may you be blessed with pure love for your new brothers and sisters. May God give your heart peace and comfort as you learn and grow with your family. My prayer for you is that you will be happy, and that you will never forget how much you are loved, and by so many people. Be an example to your little sisters and love them. They will look up to you and you will be their hero. I am the big sister in my family and I was blessed every day by the “little ones” who God sent to my family. Keep smiling, Princess!To Ghana Guy-that smile of yours will melt the heart of anyone you meet. We pray for you to find good and kind friends here in America. We pray that you and your brothers will have a bond that can never be broken, and that you will grow up together with a fierce loyalty. Brothers are a priceless gift. Hold onto each other, protect your sisters and love your Mom and Dad, as I know they have loved you since you met.Welcome Home, GhanaDuo! Hugs from Utah!

  3. GhanaGal and GhanaGuy! Welcome to America! We are so happy you are finally to your new home. Your dad, brothers and sisters have been anxiously awaiting for you to come. I don’t know if you remember me ( Sista Shelley) but I remember you. I am so happy you are here. You have a wonderful family. You will have fun with them. Things in America will seem different for a while, but you will be okay. Know that you have many people in America who know you and love you and want you to be happy! Welcome to your home! Love and hugs from Sister Shelley and family ( we are in Utah too!) Come to Utah someday and visit us!

  4. Dear GhanaDuo (itching to use your American names but your mom wouldn’t like that 🙂 ) – Welcome to your American home! I am so happy that you made it here, and I can’t wait to see you guys. (Remember our drive to Accra to do your medical exams, with Kobe? It will take about that long for us to drive to see you, or for you to come visit our family – we live the closest of all of your Luckyhill friends in America 🙂 )You are going to have so many adventures here – most of them will be amazing, and some of them will be hard. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes – or to miss your Ghana life. That will always be a part of who you are, and your family will understand that.God has such great plans for your lives, and this new part is a piece of those plans.We send you our love and can’t wait to see you.Love,The Watsons (and ^o^ Angel Seth 🙂 )

  5. So happy for you and the GhanaDuo!! YIPPEE!!!! Kids, your mom and dad have loved you SO much for all of these months! I’m so glad that you now get to come home and feel that love every day!Anita

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