The spectrum of emotions.

Have you ever heard adoption described as a rollercoaster?  Totally cliche, but totally true.  It’s smooth sailing one minute and then a life changing drop comes along the next second.  I’ve never felt that more then now.  This process is becoming so difficult and unpredictable, that I’m afraid to say it…I feel a little like giving up and going home.  I’m sure that attitude is influencing my interactions with my kids, which have been some of the roughest yet.  Things were so easy and simple before, now they are so much more complex.   

I need everyone out there to pray for visas.  This should be the easy part, and it’s not.  We need five (for myself and the two other moms that are here).  They are not “forthcoming” (see, I speak Ghanaian now, and, I’m totally kidding).  Visa appointment on Monday.  Just pray. 

5 thoughts on “The spectrum of emotions.”

  1. I was just praying for those visas when I got the feeling like Heavenly Father reminding me that He knows each of those children, each of the families, and He will do what is right for everyone. “OH MAN” I thought, “I cannot post that on her blog! In my mind, it sounds SO discouraging!” Then, I suddenly remembered the scripture (and I am NOT someone who has thousands of them memorized, so sorry I don’t remember the book, chapter and verse!), “I will not leave you orphans…I will come to you.” Now THAT is encouraging!We will keep praying. Keep posting when you can!


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