I wish I could post pictures, but this internet cafe isn’t exactly on the high tech side of Ghana (wait, is there one?).  I have had a feeling of peace, and some wonderful interactions with the kids over the last couple of days.  Apparently, we’re speaking again (well, they weren’t speaking to me because I wouldn’t buy them ice cream).  It’s better now.  We’ll get there. 

It rained TWO days in a row.  LOVE IT!!!  That has to be a good sign for Monday, right?  Please pray for our visa appointment.  It’s 7:30 am GMT (that’s Ghana Maybe Time), like maybe they’ll see me at 7:30am, or maybe we’ll sit around in the embassy for three hours.  We shall see.  As long as we come out of there with a time to pick up two visas, I don’t care how long we wait. 

For all of you out there who check this, your kids are wonderful!!!  We’ve had some illness, but all the in-process (the ones who are waiting for their obruni mommies to come) children have been healthy.  They are funny, smart and wonderful.  Evelyn and Belinda are my little loves this time.  So, for Lana and Mark, and Amy and Donald…your daughters are AMAZING!!!  For everyone who follows Abe and his little brother Anninda, they are well too, and they have sprouted again (in small amounts) since last time I saw them.  Abe is quite the little man now. 

who can maybe see a little ray of hope?

3 thoughts on “Peace

  1. It’s fun to hear about all the kids and how they are growing. I am sure Abeku and Aninda are becoming stronger and stronger.Good for you to holding fast and not buying the ice cream 🙂 I’m already praying that you’ll feel comfort and hope and that the appointment on Monday will go well. Take care!

  2. Glad to hear every one is doing well, except your kids not getting ice cream. Did she ever say please? Stubborn one. Can’t wait to see the pics of the parade! Have a good feeling for monday, for all of you. Am I the only one who likes going to the embassy? Enjoy the air conditioning, wash your feet in the sink, get naked! Well, that would be Juliana, but do whatever it takes 🙂

  3. It is so good to hear about your experiences there – and especially to hear more about our kids! I can’t even begin to express the emotions we are feeling here for the three of you women – realizing that we may soon be going through the same drama. We appreciate your work and hope your hardships will be lightened and will help pave the way for the rest of us who follow. We can’t even imagine the sacrifices you are making for all of your kids and families. We love you and pray for you and hugs,Lana, Mark & Gabe Nelson

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