Keep it up.

We’re making progress.  It’s slow though.  Did you ever see those movies where people are walking through the jungle and the guy in front chops away the jungle vines with a machete?  I feel like God is the guy with the machete.  He’s just clearing the path for us.  But, we still have to walk behind faithfully.

The day was full of little miracles.  People’s hearts were softened.  And, if the unthinkable happens and I have to start some of the paperwork over, I now have a contact and a path to do it.  We’re still praying for that miracle though.  We are all afraid to hope, but we do anyway, because that’s just how God made this trio of women.  He gave us each other so that when one loses it, the other two are there to slap her and tell her to “SNAP OUT OF IT!!!”.  We don’t really “beat” each other, but poor Raelynn, she almost got it at one point, which is scary, because she could TOTALLY kick my scrawny butt.  She has the self-awareness to know when she’s had it though, it’s what I love about all of us.  We know when we’re on the edge and we buoy each other up.  I’m sure my two compadres have felt like slapping me too on occasion.  Especially when you’ve lived in a 250 square foot room with six people (and one bathroom) for almost a week.  Our kids have TOTAL cabin fever.  We’re in survival mode.

I can’t comment on the events of today, other than to say that we’re getting closer to the end, come what may.  But please keep praying!!! We feel your prayers, and they work.  I attribute your prayers to the fact that we found a true angel on earth to guide us.  She is our new “auntie” and calls us her daughters.  We adore her.  And, if we make it out of this, I owe her my children.

I also need to send it out to my mama posse over here.  We’re bonded for life now.  We’ve seen each other’s worst and each other’s best.  As we sat on the floor at the Social Welfare Building today, not speaking, just praying, Kara lifted her head and reminded Raelynn and I that if we make it out of this we’re all bonded for life.  That we are, Kara.  I’ll get the t-shirts printed…”Out of Africa 2010″.  God willing, we’ll all be wearing them soon.

who could really use a burger, fries and a chocolate shake.  The children have nicknamed her “shrunken white chicken”.  It’s true.  I’m disgustingly thin.  Not thin like a supermodel either, thin like a disgusting hobo.  This is week three, and I’m feeling it.

4 thoughts on “Keep it up.”

  1. Ahhhhh, FPM. I am doing the only thing I can. I’m praying for you guys. I know you are all in the trenches together and have formed a “sisterhood” that can only be formed under extreme duress, and that is what you are under. Also, I am sure you are the only one who thinks she looks like a disgusting hobo. I am sure you do not. 🙂 You look like a mom fighting for her children…..and I am here cheering and praying. Love….love…….and lots of prayers from me to you and Kara and Raelynn…from me.


  2. Im on pins and needles reading your posts. As I am a bit in the same more or less situation as you with embassy waiting on more paperwork checking etc. My heart is on my throat as I await to see if we would get our visas also. We had a metting today with the Embassy and need more info. I have been praying on my knees for you, I can not imagine that feeling of looking in the face of your precious babies and wondering what on earth is going to happen. Amazing that God knew you would need support he gave you friends to cry with and slap ;)! Hope and hope to hear good news for you as it may mean I may have good news to bring my babies home too. Please Jesus!


  3. I’m feeling’ the miracle. I’m believing for the miracle. Your babies are coming home with you. After you get those visas, head down to Osu Food Court (it’s like a fast food joint with 4 different restaurants inside). Let the kids play in the play room while you scarf down two or three of the ice cream place’s chocolate shakes! Seriously, they are so good after weeks without the chance at ice cream! I think they only cost 2 cedis. Drink one for me! Much love and much faith,Anita


  4. I am praying for you ladies! I love the Out of Africa 2010- that is the spirit, not only making the best of a tough situation but making a shirt to go with it! Many are praying for you! Hang in there. Definitely treat yourself to some yummy food.


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