Here I am, blogging to you again from my pink robe…in my bed!!!!!  Do you know who is sitting with me as we we watch cartoons?  ALL SEVEN OF MY KIDS.

Do you know what that means?  The Ghanaian nightmare is over.  It was truly like living in a nightmare for three weeks.  Up until our plane took off, I worried every single second that I had gotten myself into something that could land me in jail, or worse, that I would end up dead.  But, I had done NOTHING wrong.  This isn’t just adoption drama, this was awful, ongoing, prolonged torture.

This morning I woke up, reached for FPD, and told him I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  He told me I was, and it had Ghanaian plates.  He’s right, but there were Americans right there gassing it up.  The story is long and involved, and I plan to tell it to everyone being affected by it.  I don’t plan to say what I “think” happened.  I only planned to tell other adoptive parents what I KNOW to be true.  Assumptions  are what threw me into this mess.

who wants other adoptive parents to be able to watch cartoons with their Ghanaian kids.

8 thoughts on “Home.

  1. Praising God that you are home. You families has brought me to my knees tons!We are still waiting on the visas your post is freaking me out please email me and I will give you my phone number teabo5@comcast.netI again am sooo thankful you are home!

  2. YAY! SO HAPPY for your family! Please keep us posted as to how all of your kids are doing, and how the new duo is adjusting. SO thankful you are all home, safe and sound. :)Breclyn

  3. Becky I am so glad you came home and better yet with your kids!!! I am so sorry you’ve been hit by a truck in all aspects and I hope your able to find the time needed to get through all that you endured in Ghana. I am sure your holding your kids close to you and it puts a smile on my face to know your family is all together!

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