Spring Break Starts with Stitches.

Well, it should have.  I was on the phone for the 50th time today (a hyperbole, but it felt like the 50th time) when our GhanaGal who isn’t usually a crier came into the hallway sobbing.  She was muttering something I couldn’t understand and then I looked at her hands to see they were covered in blood.  I tried not to scream, but I’m sure my face wasn’t exactly comforting.  She was able to get out “Diva pushed me”.  Diva did?  She’s not even two years old.  Sure enough though.  The Diva has taken to running at people’s legs full force in an attempt to “hug” them.  When she sneak attacks you she can knock you off balance.  She has nearly knocked me over several times.  She did it to GhanaGal and actually knocked her over.  She fell backwards and hit her head on the pointy corner of her storage cube.  Her ear had a huge gash on it and was bleeding profusely.  Totally freaky.

We dispatched grandma.  She flew over.  We flew to the pediatrician.  We waited.  She cried.  We cried.  We waited some more.  We finally saw the ped who ultimately decided that stitches would be WAY more traumatic than having a scar on the back of her ear.  We would need a Tetanus shot though, because to our knowledge, she hasn’t ever had one.  FPD came and stayed while he and three RNs had to hold her down. I think we set our attachment back by A LOT with that little maneuver.  Crappy.  It was all crappy.  Which is how I would describe my feelings about life lately.  It’s all just crappy.  I’m grateful for my kids.  I’m grateful we’re all here together, but this is just crappy.

When we were in Ghana, one of the other moms who was with us modeled stomping her foot and acting angry for her daughter.  Instead of crying quietly, or moaning, we wanted the kids to be able to put a name to their feelings.  I’m putting a name to this feeling…it’s C-R-A-P-P-Y.  When we had to wait at the embassy for four hours, it was crappy.  Leaving Ghana with all the emotional baggage we left with…crappy.  Feeling so sad…crappy.  Learning what we did about Bubbly’s past…WAY crappy.  Having your new sister knock you over and make you need two “injections”…SUPER crappy.  Right now, it’s all just CRAPPY.  Spring Break started today.  We’re praying for a little less crappy next week.

who feels… you guessed it…crappy.  

3 thoughts on “Spring Break Starts with Stitches.”

  1. Crap! I’m so sorry! Crappy crappy crappy.”If your crappy and you know it clap your hands…” 🙂 🙂 I hope tomorrow is way less crappy.I hope GhanaGal feels better soon too. Poor thing. I’m sure that getting the tetnus shot was the worst part for everyone. 😦 No more crap allowed!


  2. Crappy pretty much sums up my week too. I really love our new hospital but I’ve seen far too much of it. No more stitches, broken bones or Strep, for ANY of us, please! I’m sorry that GhanaGal had such a terrible first week too.


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