Thank you President Obama.

I know people have differing views on Obama.  But, one portion of his health care bill has helped us quite a bit.  This quote is actually from a China adoption blog that I read regularly.  But, it applies to us this year and gives me quite a bit of sunshine in my day.  Do you know about the adoption tax credit?  If not, click here.  It was due to expire.  It has been renewed and then some.

It appears that the tax credit has been extended for one more year (through the end of 2011), raised to $13,170, and made refundable. That last bit means people will no longer have to spread it across multiple years, they will be able to take it all at once, no matter what they’ve paid in.
If you want to look up the exact wording then go somewhere that has the new Health Care Reform bill text listed and go to section 10909. EXPANSION OF ADOPTION CREDIT AND ADOPTION ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS.

who sees an expanding college fund in her future.  Heaven knows we need it.

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  1. I’ve already made a few phone calls to clients and other adoptive friends to let them know the wonderful news. Yes, it is probably the only thing I care about with this bill. Here’s to optimism.-Donald

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