Well, I Tried.

I got a lot of really good advice before the GhanaDuo arrived home.  A LOT of advice about bringing older children, specifically older Ghanaian children, into our home.  A lot of it was firsthand experience.  Like from here.

So..I tried to follow it.

I removed all the waste paper baskets from our bathrooms and gave the children a speech about flushing their used paper down the toilet.  We even had a demo on how much paper to use.  Yesterday morning I went into the bathroom to find that GhanaGal had finished a roll of TP and flushed the roll into the toilet.  I called her in to ask her what happened and she told me “it is paper”.  Well, I tried.

I gave the kids a speech about how every black person in the U.S. isn’t Ghanaian.  I knew, again from here, that they would think that.  So, today as GhanaGal and I are enjoying a girl’s lunch with my mom, I tell GhanaGal that I need another Coke.  She starts saying “tssssttt” at our African-American waiter (those of you who have experienced Ghana know that this is the way you call someone over to you in Ghana).  I tell her that in the U.S. people won’t know what “tssssttt” means and they might think it’s rude.  Her reply…”he will know, he is Ghanaian”.  No love, he’s just black.  Well, I tried.

I knew the kids would have trouble with thinking things on the TV are real.  I tried to explain to them that it’s like the drama in Ghana (only with less pitiful wailing), it’s all pretend.  I thought they understood.  Well, until GhanaGal saw a girl with blonde shoulder length hair and yelled out “Hannah Montana!!!  I see you!!!!”.  Oh good grief.  Well, I tried.

I guess no matter how much you talk, they can’t absorb it all until it’s right there in front of them.  So, I’ll just keep trying as we keep going along.

who told her daughter that the blonde haired lady looked NOTHING like Hannah Montana.  Her daughter promptly informed her that “all white people look alike”.  Alrighty then.

3 thoughts on “Well, I Tried.

  1. Man oh Man!!! FPM…sorry, but I was laughing when I read your post. I’m stil smiling.I’m not sure if it’s because I know I am not alone, or because I had never even thought of those new experiences you just had!!! The Tssstt and HANNAH MONTANA! Man….those are just funny. 🙂 I am sure there are more fun suprises coming your way….and mine 🙂 Hang in there FPmama! 🙂

  2. I’m with Shelley. I was laughing too. Only a been there, done that kind of laugh, though. I know some days it isn’t funny at all. Esepcially the toilet paper. Oh my goodness, it is a daily battle and I am still losing.Keep trying. We’re all in this together. Just about every day I read another blog and say “Oh, it’s not jut MY daughter,” and it makes me feel so much better.

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