The Big 0-4.

GigantoBaby (who is still gigantic) turned 4 on Saturday.  He is still the size of a large 6 year old.  It looks like we have triplets.  GhanaGuy, Middle-Middle and Gigantobaby all share a room, a closet, and all their clothing.  They all wear a size 6/7.  It’s kind of Duggar-ish to have a community closet, but we do the best we can to give them certain items that are just for them.

I have to share a few things about GigantoBaby that I want him (and his future wife) to know when they look back and read this.  GigantoBaby, you are huge, but you still have a heart that needs to be loved like an infant.  I still hold you in my arms and rock you (and then complain about my impending slipped disc).  I still help you buckle into your seat in the car every time we go somewhere.  Occasionally, you’ll still ask me to “help” you eat your dinner.  You love to be loved, and I love that about you.  You are the kindest, most empathetic 4 year old I know.  You have a new brother and sister that just lost everything they know and you were the first one to tell me that “if I lost my mom, I would be so scared”.  Wow.  To be 4 years old and understand that, you are one amazing guy.  Even though your speech is delayed, you speak with a little bit of a stutter and you still sound like a little guy (which I find absolutely adorable), you have a HUGE vocabulary.  You made your Sunday School teacher laugh SO hard when he asked you to draw a picture and you drew a very ornate, elaborate drawing.  He asked you what it was and you told him it was the “ark of the covenant” and then started humming the theme to Indiana Jones, because it wasn’t just an ark, it was “the ark of the covenant”.  If you’re discussing Indy or Star Wars, you demand the utmost accuracy.  Hysterical.

You chose a trip to “the Chuck”, as we have affectionately dubbed it, for your birthday.  We tried to get out of it, but it was your choice.  Your new brother and sister thought it was second only to heaven.  So, on this day, as time continues to pass too quickly for your mom, I’m going to post a then and now pic of you.  Someday, this will truly embarrass you.  For today, it will make you, and me, smile.

The first picture we ever received of GigantoBaby.  He was about 10 days old.  One tough little man.
On his 4th birthday, enjoying his pizza.  
who loves 4.  It’s so much fun.  

3 thoughts on “The Big 0-4.

  1. Happy Birthday GiagantoBaby! Four really IS fun. Still little but almost a Big Kid, and snuggly and sweet. I miss it already!Enjoy all of your celebrations!

  2. Happy birthday GiagantoBABY! Everything you wrote reminded me of my Lijah. He’s always been tall for his age and everyone thinks he years older than he is!

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