The Name Game.

Our GhanaDuo chose “American names” prior to coming to America.  Well, GhanaGal chose, GhanaGuy wanted us to choose for him.  He says he likes his name, but he still won’t call himself or his sister by it.  We’ve tried having conversations with him about how his name isn’t really changed, we can call him by his Ghanaian name.  He says no.  He wants an American name.  Apparently, he just doesn’t want to use it.  Ahhh, five, it’s such a fun age for adoption.  Old enough to get it, but not all of it.

So, we continue to play the name game.  These kids have three different names: an American name, a Ghanaian Christian name and a Ghanaian day name.  On any given day, we call them by all of them.  So confusing.  To add to your confusion, they will now have Blog names.  Their personalities have begun to shine like little beacons, so the choice was easy.  After all, they can’t stay GhanaGal and GhanaGuy forever (well, they could, but that’s no fun).  

GhanaGal will now be known as GigglyGirl.  That’s her main form of communication, a signature giggle.

GhanaGuy will now be known as ShyGuy.  He’s a man of few words, we’re hoping that changes.

who feels a little giggly herself over her new kids.

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