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Yesterday was better.  We have a new program we’re working through with Bubbly.  We’ll see.  So far, she gets it.  She has goals: understanding that her actions lead to a consequence, not being so impulsive,  and not always seeking attention of the worst kind.  We’ve talked about them several times.  She can verbalize what she is “supposed to do”, but so far, we’re still a work in progress.  She doesn’t think before she does things.  We had the nail polish and braids, then I went into her room and found that she had ripped apart her favorite dinosaur book, then her coat that had a tiny hole in it got picked apart so that even my mad sewing skills can’t fix it, her birthday Barbie lost it’s head in a tragic accident and she decided to color her hands with green marker (washable, luckily).  The therapist attributes some of this backslide to her new siblings.  I wholeheartedly agree.  I was gone for A LOT longer then I told her I would be.  I came home and, while she is happy to see the Duo again, they take a lot of her attention from her (even though they individually receive probably 50% of the attention she does).  It’s all just overloaded her.

I don’t want to paint an ugly picture of our Bubbly.  We love her so much.  This won’t ever change, no matter what she does.  Sometimes her little words are priceless.  Her little smile is as well.

She is very happy to be reunited with Giggles and ShyGuy.  She tells them constantly how much she loves them.  She is kind of Lennie-like with them though.  Her love overwhelms them, especially since being so openly affectionate wasn’t common where they are from.  She and GigantoBaby were absolutely priceless when they went around the barber shop yesterday telling everyone “this is my new brudder and sitster”.  Totally priceless.  
What was the MOST priceless though was hearing ShyGuy call me “mama” yesterday, not Sister FPM (only he uses my first name) or Auntie FPM (again, insert my first name) as he did in the past, but “mama”.  I tried not to draw attention to it, but I did make him repeat it so FPD could hear.  Then he had to fulfill ShyGuy’s request while I cried in my room.  Later, after everyone was in bed, I found a note from Giggles in the pile of drawings the kids did.  It said “mama” on the outside and then my name under it (just so I wouldn’t think it was for her “mom in Ghana” as she now refers to her).  I opened it, then I cried some more.  
Can you read it?  Probably not.  It reads “Mama you are a very good mother.  I love you”.  Then it says “Happy mother day.  Happy dad day”.  Not sure what that is about, but, totally priceless.  I told her how much I loved it this morning as I poured her cereal for her.  ResponsiBoy reminded me that it was modeled after his earlier work which she had seen me praise him for.  Here’s his accompanying work of art.  
His holiday wishes are a little more timely.  Either that, or Giggles is just REALLY prepared.  
who feels very loved today.  

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  1. Glad you working through new things with bubbly! The cards are priceless, I would have cried as well, I just don’t know if I would have made it to my room 🙂

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