The Chicken Replies.

My fellow Out of Africa Alumni, Kara (aka Fresh Girl) wrote about the bond we now all share from having lived through what we did.  You can read about it here.  We are planning on writing a novel.  I’m also planning on having t-shirts printed for our reunion this summer.  Someday I’ll write about how we got our nicknames.  Well, no I won’t, because C. Cookie’s nickname isn’t PG rated.  And, this blog is PG, mostly.  Hey, sometimes you need a PG-13 joke to get you through Ghana.

Someday I plan to return to the Temple in Accra.  Well, to the grounds anyway (unless I possess a Temple recommend by then.  You never know!!!).  I will ask to visit room 201 as a little throw back to what we all lived through.  It looked like the Taj Mahal at the time.  I can still see it in my dreams.  I used to picture heaven looking like Luckyhill, how wrong was I?!?  Now heaven looks a little like a tiny room with six bunk beds and a painting of our Savior on the wall.  It was sanctuary when there didn’t seem to be a safe place for us in the entire world.  I’m grateful that someone was willing to take me in and that I have two great new girlfriends out of the deal.  I miss you both.  And, I miss your kids too.  My kids miss their other Obruni moms.  Especially Giggles, who is obsessed with the fact that C. Cookie owns a BIKINI.  Can you BELIEVE IT?  Scandalous.

who owns a couple of them herself…shhhhh!!!!

3 thoughts on “The Chicken Replies.

  1. I owned a bikini. A couple actually. Then I didn’t look so cute in them anymore. I must admit, every time I put on my mommy swim suit, I miss the bikinis. Actually, I think it’s more like I miss the body that looked cute in the bikinis….

  2. Ah, thanks for this post Becky. Remember to call me tomorrow. I regret not taking any pictures of our little 250 sq.ft. living quarters. We’ll have to just sketch it out for the set designers when our Africa Magic show is produced. Mambee says hi. I miss the night time crying.

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