Hop Hop.

The Diva is officially two.  She has acted like a two-year-old pretty much since she developed a personality.  But, now it’s official.  She’s two, and she’s still terrible.  We love her though.  The kids were SO excited about her birthday.  They showered her with affection and loved on her all day.  She begrudgingly accepted.  For her birthday meal she wanted “CHEEEEZZZ”.  We had the restaurant slap some macaroni in it too, just for good measure.  But, she would have just eaten straight up cheese if we had let her.  Here’s the Diva turning two.  If you ask her how old she is she’ll hold up one finger and shout “TWO!!!”.  If you help her hold up two fingers she’ll laugh, make a hopping motion with her fingers and shout “HOP HOP!”.  She loves her some Little Bunny Foo Foo.

who can’t believe her baby/first daughter is TWO!  Hop Hop!  


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