(Re)Finding Comfort.

Today I found a little Comfort again.  Boy, did I need it!!!  Do you remember her?  I won’t show her picture now, because she’s become someone else’s little girl.  She’s another miracle out of so much suffering though.  Comfort was 8-years-old when I met her, the same age my Giggles is now.  She seemed so small to me as Shelley, Brant and I spent those nights together praying that God would help her broken heart hold on long enough for her mom to get to her again.  The week after she came home, they wheeled her in for emergency heart surgery.  A TOTAL miracle.

I got to speak with Comfort on the phone again today.  Even though her accent has totally faded, I slipped right back into talking to her like I talk to every other Ghanaian.  When I’m speaking with a Ghanaian, I use words like “finished” instead of “done” and “trousers” instead of “pants” (pants are underwear to Ghanaians.  Remember that, it will save you a lot of embarrassment).   Comfort is such an American girl now, I’m sure she thought I was nuts speaking to her that way.  But, to me, she’ll always be that little girl in Ghana who ran off happily up the ramp at the Holiday Inn to meet her new mom, in her “best” dress that was two sizes too small and a total rag.  Her mom says she’s still a total love, so at least that hasn’t changed.

Comfort, who was barely holding on while I was there, was hurt the same way my little Bubbly was.  Again, it’s not my story to tell.  But, I’m praying for you Comfort, always.  And, I’m so sorry.  While I was SO happy to hear that strong little voice on the end of the phone, I’m always so sorry for the process these kids have to go once they get here.  It’s so unfair to finally find a family, a loving family, and have to drag so much baggage from the past along with you.  No child should ever have to endure that.  So, even when there is total darkness and I can’t find that exit sign, I’m going to picture my Bubbly, and I’m going to try to find a little Comfort a long with her.  Here’s to two of the strongest girls I know!!!  Anything brave that I do in this life is dwarfed one thousand times by the courage you two have shown.  To my Bubbly and Comfort, you amaze me.

who is planning to visit someday, Comfort.  Thanks for inviting me!!!

3 thoughts on “(Re)Finding Comfort.

  1. That made me so happy to hear that Comfort is doing well. She is indeed a special little girl.She was blessed to have you there while she was so sick….I know she’ll never forget you.

  2. Your blog always brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy Comfort is doing so well. 🙂 Bubbly and Comfort are both so brave, as are all of the children.

  3. Hey Becky,I posted a picture of Comfort and a link to your post on my blog.http://adoptingfromafrica.blogspot.com/Feel free to link to it.Comfort is the most ‘full of life’ child I have ever met (and I have 8 kids!)She loves life and lives it to the fullest. She is sweet and loving, thankful, kind, joyful, and stubborn! We, as well, are working through her issues and dealing with the fears she has from her treatment in Ghana. I totally believe that God has an amazing plan for our miracle girl! We’ll be looking for that visit! This morning she told me she misses Sista Becky.Lanae

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