Fresh Girl.

Time to lighten the mood.

Someday, this is going to TOTALLY embarrass a certain little Ghanaian-American who just arrived in Colorado, along with her soul sister who lives in my home.  But, their little booty shakin’ to this ditty is the reason that a certain mom now goes by the nickname “Fresh Girl“.  Before you watch it, I have to explain that this is NOT a video that either “Fresh Girl” or I would allow in our home.  But, when you’re in Ghana, adopting children who already have a certain amount of knowledge that you can’t control, you go with it.  And, watching them shake their boo-tays to this song was practically the only bright spot to an otherwise stinky three weeks.

who won’t show you the “Finger Lickin'” video that was the theme song of her November journey to Ghana.  Eeeuuwww…

3 thoughts on “Fresh Girl.

  1. Having been present for the Finger Lickin’ journey, I thank you for not revisiting. *grin* Though especially now I wouldn’t mind hearing the “Enemies of Progress” song again. 😀

  2. I played that while the kids were eating breakfast, and the booty-shaking was PLENTY! Even little Miss No Ghana Anything, Ever. She can’t resist a good beat. She was eating breakfast, and I looked over to see her shaking it in the chair. She had to jump up and do it properly. You are right, sometimes you need a little bit of Shake to make you smile.

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