Finding Neverland.

On Friday night, we watched Finding Neverland for Family Home Evening.  It has some heavy subject matter in regards to losing parents, but I’m specifically trying to get my Ghanaian children to open their minds to “imagining”.  They are VERY linear thinkers, and really have no idea how to play.  This movie, even though largely a distortion of J.M. Barrie’s real life (it leaves out all the weirdness), has an overwhelming theme of “imagination will take you anywhere”.  My Ghanaian kids took a very different, but still important, message from the movie. They each commented to me how much Neverland was like heaven.  A garden of fairies and mermaids and boys with no rules.  This is how they picture heaven.  Ok.  For now, we’re going with it, at least it gets them thinking.

On Saturday, Giggles and I began to braid her hair again (it’s been six weeks now), and then we went and got our toes and fingers polished.  We went to the mall too.  She held my hand the entire time, like she always does at the mall, skipping along happily and pointing and chattering at everything she sees.  As we sat down to eat two huge waffle cones, she reached across the table and said “Mom, I was wrong, Neverland isn’t like heaven.  Neverland is like America.  Or, maybe America is like heaven?”.  I pressed her on what made her think America is so heavenly, but she was on to the next topic already.  This is how 8-year-olds roll.  My iphone dinged next to us and I received another email with pictures of some of the kids in Ghana.  I held them up to her, we scrolled through them.  She looked at them, but never cracked a smile.  This is super unlike her.  When I asked her why she wasn’t happy, because they all look very happy, she looked at me very seriously and told me “some of them will never find Neverland”.  So profound from an 8-year-old.  Then, she looked at me very seriously and said “can you buy me a Build a Bear?”.  Easy come, easy go.

who wishes she could find Neverland for every child.

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