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It gets to the point I have to take a deep breath and tell them “can you imagine if I did that to you?  It would be very annoying wouldn’t it?”.  I love the Duo very much, and bonding is going well, but, well, they are ALWAYS up in my grill.  Seriously, sometimes I just need to have 60 minutes to myself to watch Glee.  They come into my room and sit on the floor like they own the place.   What are you watching?  Glee, it’s not for children.  Oh.  Then they continue to sit there.  You need to leave.  Oh.  Still not moving.  I mean it. Please leave.  Still Sitting.  What are they doing?  Who is that woman?  Why does she look like a man?  Why is that girl kissing that boy?  GET OUT!

FPD can be in the next room and they’re all over me like white on rice.  It happens when I’m looking at blogs too.  They come over and stand RIGHT next to me.  Who is that?  Another family that adopted a child from Ghana.  Will we visit them?  I don’t think so.  What are they doing?  You mean right now?  I don’t know.  Don’t you know them?  No.  Then their finger goes right to the screen, I can’t STAND fingerprints on my computer screen.  Click here.  I want to see this picture.  No thanks.  I’m using the computer.  Can you back up a little?  I swear they just move closer when you ask that.  Click here.  I want to see this picture.  But, your dad just got home from work, he’s reading a book to all the other kids.  Don’t you want to listen.  No.  Yes, YOU DO!  Then I escort them out and remind FPD that they have had my undivided attention all day, I leave for work in 30 minutes and I want some time to decompress before I go take care of MORE demanding children.  He gets it.

Is this just my kids?  Maybe I’m giving them too much attention.  Is there such a thing?  They’re doing REALLY well, so I don’t want to mess with that.  But seriously, back down off of me for a few minutes.

who needs some personal space.

8 thoughts on “MOM!”

  1. It is NOT just your kids. We have “personal space” issues here too. It is not a Kid Thing, because only Efia does it. And I am SO not an “in your grill” type of person. I love to play and snuggle with all of the kids, but I also like and NEED a few minutes with nobody touching me or making demands. Not even hours, just 15 minutes that can be JustForMe, please. I won’t tell the judges, that’s for sure.


  2. I won’t tell either. :)(For me that was always worse when I had a baby I was nursing….after having someone hanging on me for hours of the day, I was always like “DON’T TOUCH ME. ANYONE. AT ALL.”)But I still feel that way sometimes. 😀


  3. The constant “mom, mom, mom” is what gets me. Especially when several children ask for help at the exact same time. Then it turns into an argument about which child interrupted and which asked first. Yesterday after school I thought my head would explode if one more person said “mom” in that irritating whiney tone.


  4. BELIEVE me, my kids are ALWAYS up in my grill — especially my oldest who has Autism. My kids are wonderful and great, but have NO concept of personal space or staying out of my “bubble”. It drives me crazy sometimes!


  5. Ah! You get it! I thought my kids were just weird or something! They are ALWAYS on me in one way or another. The bigger ones drive me crazy with the computer hovering (especially now that they can read what is on the screen). The little ones fight over hair time–Bright feels that I should definitely spend as much time “doing” his hair as I do on Kendi’s. All four of them think that we must have mandatory cuddle time each and every day for at least 15 minutes each kid. My 9.5 year old is the worst about this, crying at bed time if she didn’t get her cuddle time for the day. Oh my. I don’t take it for granted. I know I will miss all of this love terribly one day! I’m lucky my 8 and 9 year olds still know the value of a good cuddle! But sometimes…sometimes I just want to NOT be touched for a while! 😉


  6. Maybe try setting clear rules about times that are “Just for Mom”. Let them know that if you say, “Okay! It’s Mommy’s Time” that they are to LEAVE YOU ALONE!! You could try having certain times set aside (like when Glee is on!) or just let them know that randomly throughout the day, if you say the “code phrase”, they had better all back off! 🙂 With Taiger, I even have a consequence if he invades my space during Mommy Time! Also, I have some special activities that he can only do when it is MY time (play Nintendo, for instance…) so that my alone time is “fun” for him, too. I make sure the activity is something he won’t need my help to do, he won’t need a lot of clean-up after (which means I don’t have to play clean-up monitor) and it is something he LOVES to do (play Nintendo). I don’t know…just some ideas. Good luck! And don’t worry…I think your secret is safe with ALL of your blog readers! “He who is without blame, let him cast the first stone”! If the judges are parents, I am sure they, too, could tell you they have to have Parent Alone Time, too. :)Good luck! Brec


  7. HaHa! You make me laugh. Welcome to motherhood of 7! It comes with the territory, but it all gets quiet way too soon. I miss the noise and commotion and the Mom, Mom, Mom, that I had constantly when all 7 were home. However, I do enjoy the few moments I get to myself now. Your time will come – in about 20 years!


  8. I decided that it was happier for everyone if I made my “Me Time” after the kids went to bed. Because I started getting snarky with them while I was trying to read my very important blogs and they wanted help with something trivial and silly, like going potty. 🙂 Or I sneak in a few minutes with a book or checking email while they’re playing in the backyard or in their room. Hulu is your new best friend, trust me. Also, you can NEVER give your kids to much attention! I HATE it when people say, “She just did that for attention!” Of course she did! I know you’ve read 8 zillion parenting and attachment books, but Playful Parenting by Larry Cohen is awesome!


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