There are SO many posts in my head right now.  But, it’s 11:40 pm and FPD and I just finished installing overhead garage shelving to make room in the garage for the bicycles of SEVEN children.  This has been the week to end all weeks, I’m not sorry to see it go.  Thoughts of Ghana swirl around in my head, mixed with thoughts of simpler things, like a new washer and dryer that will be coming next week.  Yay!!!

I think the new week will bring new possibilities for help for the kids in Ghana.  I’m excited about all these ideas.  I guess that’s life’s theme right now, excitement.  I’m excited that summer is coming and that my kids are in such a good place right now.  I’m excited that Giggles and ShyGuy seem to be settling in really well.  I’m excited that there are glimpses of hope everyday for our Bubbly.  She’s working so hard to understand herself.  I’m excited for her.  I’m excited that I get to plan a vacation to see these folks, because reuniting Giggles with her BFF will be a hoot.  Mostly because her BFF is a hoot.  She makes Giggles REALLY giggle, like no one else can.  She makes me giggle, and I don’t giggle easily.  Well, except when I’m on the phone with her mom and we have to laugh about the stupidity that is going on in Ghana, because otherwise, we might cry.  The bonds you form with the people you travelled that kind of road with are pretty unbreakable.  I gained a soul sister out of that, and new members to my extended family.  I never had a grandma who really cared about me.  Now I have an Auntie Jane, she makes me smile.

So, you see, my thoughts are swirling, from happy, to sad and then to happy again.  It’s kind of like the last Ghanaian odyssey.  Happy, sad, and ultimately, happy again.  I’m hoping it stays that way now.

who feels peaceful.

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  1. Kara Busath says:

    We’re so excited too! We need start scouring VRBO for condo rentals. Must make sure whatever we rent has a sound system. Looking forward to some Fresh Girl.


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