The Truth will Set My Kids Free.

There has been a lot of truth coming out of my kids since they came home from Ghana.  Every time a new truth is told, they seem to walk a little taller, like there isn’t so much physically weighing them down.  It’s important to me that I know their story.  We’re getting there, slowly, everyday.  I pray for the day when it’s all out in the open and they can stand straight and tall, like any other 8 and 5 year old who get to be children.

I spoke with their birth mom today.  They don’t speak with her, mostly just I do.  FPD does too when she calls while I’m at work.  I love hearing her voice and knowing that we’re working as a team to make our kids feel safe again. When she called the Duo were out riding their new (well, new to us, we never buy new kid’s bikes) bikes.  She reminded me how since I met ShyGuy in March of 2009 he had been talking about a red bike.  I told her that he got that red bike and that he was out proudly terrorizing the neighborhood with FPD and his brothers and sister.  I could almost see her smiling through the phone.  She told me that he would have never had the opportunity to have a red bike in Ghana.  While this isn’t the reason to place your child for adoption, this makes her mom heart happy.  She knows that in all her pain, her little boy has the red bike that he always dreamed about.  That makes me happy too.

Adoption isn’t about red bikes, or “getting your kids to America”, it’s about giving a child a safe place to grow up.  A place where all there is to worry about is what color helmet will go best with your red bike (he chose…red).  I love that we’re getting to that place.  Someday, they’ll be free of all this nonsense, and I’ll be able to sit back proudly and know that even if I had nothing else to do with how great they are (because they came to me great already), that they are free of all the lies because I NEVER gave up on finding the truth.

who will find it, and set her kid’s hearts free.

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