Fashion Friday

Giggles loves fashion.  In true sisterly form, Bubbly has adopted the same love of fashion.  So, I’m going to start highlighting their fashionable choices from the week here on “Fashion Fridays”.  They’re so cute together!

It was really hot here this week.  The girls were very happy to be able to break out their new summer wardrobe.  Bubbly is sporting some tropical capris, a summer fashion staple for any 3-year-old.  Giggles is wearing a highly fashionable romper, they’re all the rage this season.  She’s also wearing her hair natural, in some well-moisturized twists.  We haven’t done this before, she always wanted braids, but now that her hair has had a few months to grow, it looks great natural too!

Very proud of their summer wardrobe!

Wondering why mom keeps taking all these photos.

They were SO over the picture taking.  Especially after GigantoBaby busted onto the scene.

who totally stole this from someone else’s blog.  I can’t remember whose, sorry!  If you comment, I’ll make sure to credit you.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. So cute! I like the idea! Also, I think the girls will too. It’ll be like a real fashion show every Froday. Too bad there aren’t any fashion shows you could let them watch–you know one where they girls are wearing reasonable amounts of clothes and wear more than 85 pounds. :)Also, I found this blog: thought you might like it. And the attachment challenge, which I think is awesome, so I’m in!

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