Ally, Juliana

Fashion Friday–On the Go with Hot Summer Accessories

Here’s this week’s Fashion Friday update courtesy of the FullPlate Girls.

This week Giggles was on the move.  She has many appearances to make: graduations, rock concerts and a church dedication.  Here she is sporting a throw back to the 80s acid washed denim skirt with some awesome layering.  She tops it off with her favorite hue…pink.

Bubbly wants YOU to know that smock tops are all the rage with the 3-year-old set this summer.  She’s minus the cute beads I put in her hair earlier this week (beads and girl’s with sensory processing disorders don’t mix, my bad).  She’s still pretty darn cute.
The Diva is sporting the hottest accessory of all for Summer 2010.  Are you ready?  
A Popsicle on a hot summer day is a definite fashion DO!  I hear they’re widely available with major retailers throughout the country.  The word from the Diva is stock up NOW, you won’t regret it.  
who is headed for an orange popsicle herself. 

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