Helping Right the Wrong.

There is a family that lost a lot with the demise of the orphanage in Ghana.  They were promised children that shouldn’t have ever been promised to them.  They spent hard earned, hard prayed for money to attempt an adoption that was never meant to be.  The money isn’t coming back.  It should, but it isn’t.  There will be a time when this family gets to tell the story in their own words, it’s not mine to tell.  Hopefully, those words will end with the announcement of another member or two of their family coming home.  In the meantime, it’s time to pull out all the stops to fundraise for them.  No amount of lemonade stands or garage sales can make up for what was lost.  But, good can still be done.  There are always children in need of parents like Tanya and Casey.

Are you in or near beautiful Southern Idaho?  Need something awesome to do over Labor Day Weekend?  Want your kids to learn a lesson about giving?  Then lets give back to a family who really and truly walks the walk.  Lets help the Hermansens bring their kids home.

who wants YOU to strap on those running shoes.  

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