Babying her.

In some ways Bubbly is super open about her needs.  In other ways, she’s a mystery.  Today, she gave me some insight into what must be going on in her sad little head.  I usually call the Diva “baby girl” as I’m putting her into her car seat or changing her diaper.  She is my baby girl.  She always has been and might always be the baby.  Bubbly was babied a lot when she first got home.  She didn’t seem to dig it.  We kind of forced it on her anyway.  I carried her everywhere.  She wanted to get down.  I diapered her.  She wanted underpants.  I offered her a bottle.  She thought it was the weirdest looking thing EVER.  I kind of let it go.

Today, I tucked her in for her nap and semi-accidentally said “goodnight baby girl”.  She looked at me, a little surprised, but then smiled and said “I like to be the baby girl”.  Sad.  She never really got to be anyone’s baby.  Her birth-mom had her brother when she was barely a year old.  She went to the orphanage at a little over the age of 2.  She certainly wasn’t babied there.  So, for today, and for as long as she likes it, she gets to be my baby.  She digs it now.  She must need it now.

whose back hurts from carrying around the biggest “baby” ever.

2 thoughts on “Babying her.”

  1. So sweet. I’m so glad she’s willing to be your baby girl, even if only for a day. One day I was talking to Kendi and said, “Do you know you’re my baby? And I’m your mommy?” That conversation set well with her and probably once a day she walks up and goes, “Mommy, I your baby?” Yep Kendi, you’re my baby. “And you my mommy?” Yep, I’m your mommy. Funny the little reassurances our kids need sometimes.


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