A House Divided.

We have a little issue over here at the Full Plate Manor (like that? Manor.  HA!  More like dirty laundry filled shack.  But, ‘manor’ just sounded so much more pleasant).  Did you know that at 2:30pm EST tomorrow our family will take sides as we root for our “homelands” in the World Cup?  I LOVE that my kids get to see Ghana in a competition against the U.S. It makes them believe that their nation really is on equal footing for once.

You see, we have a little bit of an inferiority complex going on about Ghana amongst the Ghanaians in our home.  They think everything in America is “better”.  Their new rooms are “better”.  I try to point out that they had a nice little house in Ghana where their mom loved them, she just didn’t have the money to buy them a bed of their own.  They think their clothes are “better”.  We discuss how clothes aren’t the be all and end all.  And, their mom did the best she could, she couldn’t always buy them new clothes or a uniform for school.  They tell me their food is “better”.  I tell them that while there is more food, I still miss plantain chips and FanIce.  They agree.  Mmmmm…FanIce.  They tell me their school is “better”.  And… I don’t argue with that.  Their school was a hole, but they have fond memories of their school in Accra.  We talk about how not every school was like Kings Intl.

I talk about Ghana ALL the time.  They talk about Ghana only to compare it to the U.S.  I talk about the things I love about Ghana, they talk about the things they hated.  Just recently, I got Giggles to tell me that she MIGHT go back if we only stay at the Temple or at the Coconut Grove and ResponsiBoy and Middle-Middle go with her so they can see what fu fu looks like when they pound it.  I smiled and told her she had a LONG time to think about it.  She’ll be headed to adulthood before we consider making that journey again.

I’m trying to instill some pride for their homeland in two kids who had a really painful exit.  We’ll get there.  Maybe watching their former country beat their new country would help?

who will still root for the U.S.  After all, I’m not Ghanaian.

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