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A Little Less Divided.

Well U.S.A., it was a rough first half, then you poured the pressure on, but not in time.  Congrats Ghana.  You deserved it.  I’ve got to say, it’s a little disappointing.

We were a little less divided here then I thought when it came to cheering.  Giggles has decided she’s an American girl.  So, she rooted for the U.S. in the World Cup today.  When we went to get our bi-weekly manicure, she chose this. It’s accompanied by her choice of World Cup party treats.  All are in honor of the U.S.A.

ShyGuy was not conflicted at all.  He knows where his loyalties lie.
Although, he did tell us that when he plays in the World Cup, he’ll proudly strap on the red, white and blue.  “It is my country, but for now, I cheer for Ghana”.  Good enough for me.  He got to pick the treat from our local African Market that represents his culture.  Plantain chips and Malta.  Mmmm…a taste of home.
who isn’t a fan of Malta.  And, is still a little bitter about the loss.  Just a little though.  And, in case you were wondering, the third Ghanaian in our home could care less about the World Cup.  Bubbly played in the play room through the whole second half.  I don’t think she actually watched one minute of it.  She’s three.  She has time.    

1 thought on “A Little Less Divided.”

  1. I’m with ShyGuy. I cheer for Ghana! But when HE plays in the World Cup, I will definitely cheer for the USA. Sounds like a good compromise.I had my Ghana jersey on yesterday and had the girls at Costco. A man asked me if I was from Ghana (really?) so I told him that my daughter was. He looked at them and asked “Which one?” I got a good giggle out of that. Now that England has been eliminated too, our household stress level has gone down a bit. We only have four teams to cheer for now!


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