Christian Alliance for Orphans–Feelin’ the Love.

I lost more than a few friends when we worked so hard to shut the orphanage down in Ghana.  It’s not a time I would like to return to any time in the near future.  It was filled with sadness and lies.  I’m not one to ever stand idly by while children are used and abused for profit, neither here in the U.S., nor in my children’s homeland.  I tried to turn my back, several times, when it got hard, and it really feels like someone’s hand keeps pulling me back.  I can’t escape it.  All roads lead back to Gomoa/Fetteh and the kids of Ghana in general.

I gained friends through the experience of finding the truth, more meaningful friends then the ones who turned their backs.  These are friends that understand not only where I’ve been in Ghana, but where I am at home every single day.   They understand the need to continue forward, why I refuse to give up on the kids there, and why I can’t let go of my kids here, not even for one second.

My involvement with the actual process of adoption will end with the children that come into my home.  But, my advocacy will never end.  I was recently contacted by an organization that is as committed to orphans and their welfare as I am.  I was asked to be a blogger for Christian Alliance for Orphans.  Have you visited their website?  If not, and you’re as passionate about orphans and adoption as I am, then click the link below.  You won’t regret it.  Every once in awhile, I will be highlighting some of the issues that matter most when it comes to orphan advocacy.

I was also very honored when a fabulous adoption professional, who is truly the angel herself, wrote a little about me on her blog.  And, because I get many emails asking me about Ghanaian adoption and how to avoid the rocky road that I had to navigate, I’m going to throw in a plug for the only agency that I know that is doing it above board over there.  If I were going to do it all again, I would have started the journey with them.  There are probably others that do it well too, but none have done it as long as AAI.  And, there is absolutely no one doing it with as much heart as Anita.

who feels warm and fuzzy today.

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