AJ, Ally, FPD, Juliana


FPD turned 33 yesterday.  I’m not going to paint this rosy picture of this beautiful family party we had for him.  It didn’t happen.  Nonsense from Ghana has reared its ugly head again.  Thank goodness I have people willing to reach out and help.  Bubbly is a ball of, well, something.   Whenever I spend time doing anything that doesn’t have to do with her, she melts down in rather dramatic fashion.  It isn’t fair to have one child that occupies 90% of your time when six others live in your home.  It’s also not fair to have a wife that starts a birthday post about you and THIS is what you end up with.  Everything just isn’t fair lately.  There just isn’t enough of me to go around.  We have been home with Giggles and ShyGuy 13 weeks now.  I’m still finding my groove.

So…bottom line is, FPD is 33 now.  Happy Birthday.

who feels about 333.

2 thoughts on “33.”

  1. Happy Birthday, FPD! 33 was a few (ahem) years ago for both of us, but we remember those years between then and now with much happiness.May yours be the same, and may your whole family be blessed with peace.


  2. How my heart goes to you. Many holidays and special occasions this last year just did NOT happen. Melt Downs, crisis, and trauma seem to get in the way. We see so much of the same things with our two, that you see in your beautiful Bubbly. We too are still finding our groove – and we realize that groove has to change frequently depending on what the boys are finally facing.Our prayers and best wishes go to you! From another Mamma in the trenches.


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