Crazy Busy.

We’ve been crazy busy around here.  Our little Bubbly is about to embark on a very intense therapy regimen that we’re getting the hang of.  It revolves around the philosophies of Dr. Karyn Purvis who wrote the book The Connected Child.  I chose this method because it is all about positive reinforcement and praise.  Bubbly has been criticized and torn down enough in her little life.  It’s time to reinforce for her all the things that make her great.  The good news is that, so far, it seems to be working.  She is a much more cheerful little girl with all the confidence she deserves.  She has had better days at school and is making HUGE strides with learning, probably because we are actually able to acknowledge what has happened to her in the past and she feels safe to open up and move forward.  She is like a different little girl.  If only I had known.  We could have done this so much sooner.

I took a week off from everything to put into place all that we needed to in our home.  FPD and I had to pow-wow about new methods of discipline and I had to meet with the older kids to discuss what we were doing and how they could help.  They’re all on-board.  In between all this we had ShyGuy’s first American Birthday, the 4th of July, a corn dog party for some members of Responsiboy’s class and I worked a holiday shift or two to help pay for an upcoming marathon trip (which will also be a mini-reunion for Giggles and her Ghanaian BFF).  I plan to post some pics of all these events.  But, it’s track meet time.  Giggles is running.  She loves it!  And, the girl has MAD skills.

who is on the run herself.

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