Six (with a little deja vus).

ShyGuy turned six-years-old on the 3rd of July.  Shhh…he really turned seven, but he’s so small and the reporting from Ghana is so inaccurate, that we’re giving his sixth year of life a replay.  ShyGuy got to watch GigantoBaby turn four just a few days after coming home.  He was introduced to a place called Chuck E. Cheese.  There has been non-stop talk of it ever since.  So, everything about the day was Chuck E. Cheese and Spiderman.

Get a load of him opening his gifts.  He got his biggest wish of all…a Nintendo DS (yay for used!!!), with a Spiderman cover courtesy of their Auntie.  He got one awesome Ghana World Cup hat that never leaves his head.  
After the party was over and I was tucking him into bed I noticed he was crying.  I pressed him about what was the matter, even though I knew already.  He said his birthday was great, but he was still missing something, or should I say someone.   His little half-brother is still in Ghana.  They don’t have Chuck E. Cheese or Spiderman birthday cakes there.  So, on his “best birthday ever” we had to have the sad discussion about why Little Brother can’t come here and how sorry I am that he was EVER led to believe that it was a possibility that he was coming to our home.  With new, very strict regulations in place, it will be impossible for him to come to anyone’s home in the U.S.  He has two living parents.  And, they want him to stay where he is.  Adoption is a choice, his birth mom didn’t make that choice for Little Brother.  It’s so hard to explain why she made it for our ShyGuy then.  It was sad.  Adoption is about loss, and when adoption leads you to an older child, this loss can be a trigger for sadness on these type of occasions.  
None of this changed the fact that ShyGuy had an amazing day.  All the sadness in the world doesn’t overshadow the smile he had on his face the entire time that we celebrated his special day.  
who *hearts* older child adoption

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  1. Just so you know- You are AWESOME! I’m sure it takes a special kind of person to parent children that have come from such a difficult past. Seems like you do a great job. I “heart” older child adoption too!

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