WANTED: One lesson in humility.

We do FHE on Tuesday nights because I work on Monday evenings.

**For those of you who missed it…we’re not Mormon.  We just enjoy their principles and have incorporated Family Home Evening into our lives.**

I usually try to choose a “lesson” that teaches something pertinent to the kids.  Something that is going on in their lives that we are trying to guide them through.  When we discuss bullying, I choose a bible story like David and Goliath to show the kids that the little guy can come out ahead (although we don’t condone violence, but you get the picture).  That way, when someone in our home is “bullying” someone else I can say jokingly “oh, so you’re Goliath now? Remember what happened to him?”.  Discussion over.

This week we need to discuss humility.  I’ve never taught a lesson about this before, I’ve never had to.  The other kids just learned through example.   But, it’s a problem in our home now.  As ShyGuy becomes, well, less shy, he has acquired a nasty habit of bragging.  Seriously, it’s AWFUL.  I’m embarrassed to even be seen with him.  He brags about things that aren’t even based in reality.  For example, he brags constantly about how “rich” we are.  HA!  But, to him, we look rich.  He got a birthday cake this year, didn’t he?  Then, we must be rich.  We have two “huge” cars, so we must be rich (never mind the fact that they are older than he is).  He plays soccer on a team, with a UNIFORM, so…we’re rich.  It never stops.  He gets a sticker after a shot at the doctor’s office and he immediately runs out to the waiting room to tell all his brothers and sisters that he got a sticker and they didn’t.  Get the picture?  It’s not pretty.  And, it’s making the other kids (including his own sister, like the one he came with from Ghana) detest playing with him.  I need to help him or he’s going to be an awfully lonely little boy.

So, to all my member friends, or to those of you who just know the bible well.  I need an FHE lesson in humility, one that I can point to and say “oh, ShyGuy, you’re _____ now?  Remember what happened to him/her?”.  Biblical lessons are one thing my kids all have in common in their past.  It’s one thing they were all raised with and understand.  This type of thing crops up constantly.  Having ideas from others help.  Help me out!  Please!

who feels humbled by the task in front of her.

7 thoughts on “WANTED: One lesson in humility.”

  1. Maybe you could focus on gratitude since it is related to humility and I think it’s an easier concept for children to understand. I just taught the story of the 10 lepers in Luke (chapter 16 or 17 I think) to my 4 year old Primary Class. It’s natural for Shy Guy to be excitd about all the new things in his life; he just needs to learn to replace the bragging with expressions of thanks instead. We’ve always done a gratitude tree in November where the kids write something they’re thankful for on a leaf everyday. Maybe Shy Guy can do something like that.


  2. Hi…haven’t been on blogs for a couple months. I do miss yours. What comes to mind immediately for me…is how Joseph (favored by his dad) went around “bragging” enough to bring his brothers to a terrible hatred of him and a separation from his family for years. We know it turned out well…but in the middle it must have been really hard on him, as well as a terrible guilt on his brothers. Also, King Neb (in Daniel)…when God decided to let him go crazy and live like an animal for a time. That would be pretty humbling.I love your idea for a FHE. Blessings!!! Tami


  3. Thank you all SO much! It totally is gratitude related. I know he is grateful for what he has, and that he is overwhelmed by his new environment. It’s just so embarrassing. So, I’ve got to nip it in the bud. I’m going to combine the African folk tale I found with the story from the children’s bible that we chose for Giggles to read. I’ll let you all know how it turns out. –FPM


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