A Day for Birth Parent Phone Calls.

Bubbly’s dad called unexpectedly yesterday.  We haven’t spoken with him since May.  He reports that all is well, but that he would like to speak with Bubbly.  And…she actually did it!  Happily!  No tears, no rejection, just her sassy little self telling him that she “likes to play at the park, but only when mama brings my pink cup” (FYI: he had NO earthly clue what she was talking about).  After they were done talking, and he obviously had no idea what she had just told him, I tried to explain the park to him.  He didn’t understand.  So, we chatted a little awkwardly and then hung up.  He called back and asked if Bubbly “spoke the local language”.  Giggles says we don’t speak “vernacular”.  That has been a running joke with FPD and I.  She didn’t know the word “toilet”, but she knew “vernacular”.  Awesome.  Bubbly hasn’t spoken fanti or twi in almost a year.  She was two when she left Ghana, most of what she spoke was gibberish then.  It’s sad that he can’t communicate with her.  I’m going to try to find a way to get pictures to him.  Hmmmm…I’ll have to figure out how.

Giggles listened while Bubbly spoke to her dad, but when it came time to speak with her mom, no go.  ShyGuy did.  He told her all about his Spiderman cake and his birthday.  He even spoke with Little Brother.  Giggles just cried.  Then, her mom cried.  Any advice on what to do about this?  I want her to know that 99% of the time Giggles is joyful and happy.  But, I don’t want to make it sound like she shouldn’t call anymore.  So, advise me, please.  Do I push these phone calls?  What do I do?

who doesn’t so well with crying birth moms.

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