Orphan Sunday 2010

Even though it’s not until November, Christian Alliance for Orphans is already looking for ways that they can spur people on to create change for orphans worldwide.  If you’ve never heard of Orphan Sunday, it gives us, as Christians, a chance to take up orphan causes and raise advocacy right where you live.  If you don’t live in a place where you have this kind of opportunity, there are still ways to help and participate, like via the national concert.
Each Orphan Sunday event is led by local Christians stirred by the plight of the orphan. For these advocates, Orphan Sunday is an opportunity to spread their passion in their church and beyond. It’s also a chance to add echo to a nationwide movement. Events are as diverse as their organizers, from prayer gatherings and sermons on God’s heart for the orphan to student-led fundraisers and foster family recruiting.

Alongside these local events, a national concert will be simulcast live from Colorado Springs to college and high school groups nationwide on the Friday of Orphan Sunday weekend. Featuring The Desperation Band and other artists, the event will challenge American youth to a vibrant, Gospel-centered faith that includes real sacrifice for “least of these,” including orphans. More than 75 national organizations have joined forces in the Christian Alliance for Orphans to promote the 2010 campaign, including household names like Bethany Christian Services, Buckner, Focus on the Family, Show Hope and Family Life.
Over the next few weeks, you’ll hear what the FullPlate Family is doing to take up the cause of those who have been left fatherless (Isaiah 1:17).  It’s especially important for me to show that my involvement doesn’t end with their adoption.  For my kids who came from Ghana, there are faces in their memories that were left behind.  Faces of children that still continue to be abused and manipulated.   These are the children that I feel connected to.  These are the children our family will be honoring in November.  There about 147 million more, just like them, worldwide.

Want to know more?  Click on the Orphan Sunday badge to the left to find out how you can help.

who hears the call.

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