Lucky 7s.

For the next six weeks, I have two seven-year-olds amongst my seven kids.  That has to be lucky, right?  It is.  My seven-year-olds are amazing little men.  Middle-Middle is becoming one awesome young man.

So, in his seventh year, here are seven things that I adore about our Middle-Middle.  There are SO many more than seven, but I’ll try to narrow it down.
7.  I love how passionate you are about things.  When you fall in love, you fall hard.  Right now, your “love” is Pokemon.  Your every conversation is about the different types of Pokemon and how great they are.  Someday, I’m sure your passion will shift focus.  Right now, I think it’s pretty cute that you love Ash and Pikachu.
6.  You are the most empathetic of all the kids.  You can’t stand to see anyone “hurting”, even when that child hurt you first.  If I put someone in time out for hitting you, you’re usually the one to comfort them.  You tell me it’s because time out makes you feel sad.  Empathy is something most kids your age can’t grasp.  I love that you can.
5.  You still wake me up at night when you’re scared.  As annoying as it might be at the time, it makes me smile that you still need me.
4.  You are becoming one awesome reader.  You work SO hard on it.  I love that you love to learn.
3.  You share with all your siblings, even when you know that one might break the toy you’re sharing with them.  You don’t care, you want her to be able to play too.  
2.  You understand that the sister that might break your toys needs your love, and that she was brought to us for a reason.  You love her unconditionally and you don’t like it when I’m frustrated with her.  You remind me why we need to be patient.  I need that.
1.  You came to us as a little preemie, so tiny and needy.  While there wasn’t anyone waiting for you at the time, and you were the adoption that was a “surprise” for us, God had a plan.  Countless other families would have jumped at the chance to be your family.  But, we were there at the time.  I consider that a miracle.  We are blessed enough to call you “ours”.  For me, that is just about as wonderful as it gets.  
I love you Middle-Middle.  

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  1. I completely agree that 7 year olds are awesome. It is also amusing to tell people that you have two, who are not twins, and watch them try to figure THAT out. Happy Birthday to MM, from the 7 year olds at my house! I love your “7 things” idea, very sweet and he will love reading it.

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