Eat My Bubbles.

ResponsiBoy and Middle-Middle swam in the All-City Swim Meet this weekend.  They are close to the youngest swimmers on the team and are just plain awesome swimmers.  They try so hard and are quickly learning what it means to be part of a team.  Some of my best memories of summer surround my time on the same swim team they now swim for.  It’s fun to see it all come full circle.  In the spirit of the team, Middle-Middle decided to cut off his ‘fro and get the team’s moniker shaved into the back of his head.  This was something I never thought I would let him do.

Shaving it off.

The finished look.

ResponsiBoy got in on the action too.

I figured what the heck.  After all, look at him.  He practically screams fierce competitor.
Or, he’s just really sweet.  
who thinks little boys in their racing suits are super cute.  

2 thoughts on “Eat My Bubbles.

  1. Go, swimmer boys!! 🙂 (Marli likes to write “eat my bubbles” on her back in pen; I’m not letting her shave her team logo into her head, sorry. :p)BTW, big boys in their racing suits are NOT cute. Speedos are downright nasty. Just thought you should know. 😀

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