Prayer and Praise Sunday–A Good Day.

There has been a lot of negativity in my life for the last couple of weeks.  Most of it is still fall out from what happened in Ghana (I know!  Can you believe that four months later I’m still dealing with it?  Enough already!).  It’s time for some prayer and praise.  From now on, every Sunday is going to be devoted to what I’m praying for this week, and what I’m praising from the past week.

Praise–Bubbly had a really good day yesterday.  The kind of day that makes you forget all the stuff she’s been through.  The kind of day that makes her blend with all other three-year-olds.  I love those days.

Prayer–I am praying that these days will come more frequently for Bubbly, until we are all able to forget what she has been through and focus on the awesome girl that she is.  I also pray for guidance as we parent her, the wisdom to know how to help her heal and the patience to see her through the days that don’t turn out so well.

who feels better already.

2 thoughts on “Prayer and Praise Sunday–A Good Day.

  1. I had to giggle a little.. four months? We have been dealing with the fallout of what happened in Haiti for six years! I don’t think (sorry) that you will ever be done dealing with the fallout of what happened in Ghana.. but hopefully the intensity will change. xoxo

  2. Yeah, I didn’t the “fall out” as in Bubbly’s behaviors. I meant all the drama that was associated with the paperwork of our last adoption. Sorry if that was unclear. Bubbly’s been home for a year next week, that drama hasn’t exactly gotten better over time. We know that we’re in it for the long haul. I’m also sorry about all the frustration you must be feeling. –FPM

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