When it just plain bites…

So, the intensive therapy that we’ve started with Bubbly is about to get a lot more intense.  Obviously, what we were doing has caused her to have a little backlash.  We were told by her therapist that she would resist attaching.  She’s lashing out now in ways I wouldn’t have expected.  We have spent the last week figuring out what to do now.  She has never had any problems going to preschool.  This week and last, she had some major problems.

She is now the classroom biter.  You touch her toy, she bites you.  You look at her funny, she bites you.  She has peed her pants more times than I care to count.  She is just regressing.  So, we’re back to the therapist a few times a week now.  Thank God for good insurance.  FPD and I are pulling her from preschool for now.  We’re going to let her be the baby that she is crying out to be.  She’s telling us she can’t be away from us right now, that it’s too stressful.  Maybe that’s a good sign?  Heck if I know.  All I know is that she is crying out for something else besides school right now.

Our Social Worker recommended this book.  I don’t think it could hurt.  So, I’ve ordered it.  Our therapist has ok’d it.  I’ll see how I feel after I read more.  We’re also considering going to Attachment Camp.  Has anyone tried that?  I would love to hear.

I just have to keep telling myself that she’s only three.  Someday, we’re going to have healthy attachment.  Someday, we’re going to have healthy attachment.  

who believes that if she says it enough, it has to happen.  Right?

2 thoughts on “When it just plain bites…

  1. *HUG* Hang in there, hon. Maybe now your district will reevaluate her ability to be in a school setting? I bet you have a preschool teacher who would second that!Andrew was a biter. And a puncher. And a pincher.He doesn’t bite now. Or punch. Or pinch (well, not any more than the rest of his siblings. 🙂 ).*H U G *

  2. Your beautiful, Bubbly little girl is always in my prayers. So are you.I’ve never heard of Attachment Camp, but I know you will do everything to bring your Bubbly to a place where she feels safe and happy and where the girl you know she can be finally comes to light.

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