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Next week we’ll be taking our first road trip as a family of nine.  Since we have yet to move to a 12 passenger van (it’s in the works though), we’re still driving a nine seater Ford Expedition.  That means, that each and every seat is filled with person.  So, a cargo carrier for the top of the car needs to be purchased and the one we already own that rides behind the car needs to be hooked on.  I chuckle at the thought of what we’ll look like.  The kids want to paint the windows of the cars as well with something like “FullPlateFamily Summer Vacation 2010”.  Are we really going to become THAT family?  Kind of dorky.

Any fun suggestions on ways to keep the troops occupied?  We’re going to put the little in the middle row so they can watch the DVD player, but some of my best memories as a kid is playing “The Alphabet Game” as we zoomed down the highway, usually toward Disney World.  I want some family togetherness as well.  I’ll be filling a backpack of “personal items” today for each kiddo.  Any really good suggestions on what to fill it with as well?

who hopes she isn’t crying at the side of the road in Iowa at this time next week.

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  1. Along the sames lines as Narda’s suggestion, but we always take the Color Wonder books. Even my “big” boys still like them. We play the animal game, where one person thinks of an animal and the others ask yes/no questions to determine what it is. Magnadoodles are lots of fun for the littles, too. We take matchbox cars and let them “drive” all over the car (at least as far as they can reach while buckled in). Give everyone individual snack portions in their backpacks. Make sure you have a small trashcan and a roll of paper towels in each row of seats if your kids get carsick. Mine do. Have a great trip! If you pass by the H Mansion, give us a call.

  2. Welcome to being one of “those” families. I think that is when we quit taking car trips and just put a pool in our backyard so we didn’t have to go anywhere! Good luck and have fun!

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