Dessert, Out of Africa 2010

Colorado 2010 (aka Out of Africa 2010 Reunion)–Colorado Springs.

In case you missed the last few posts, we just returned from Colorado.  We were blessed to get the chance to visit Giggles’ Ghanaian BFF and her mom (who happened to be my traveling companion on my last adventure through Ghana.  She and I are forever bonded by that awful/joyful experience.  We named that epic journey “Out of Africa 2010”.  For the next reunion, I’m having t-shirts made).  

After picking up our jaws off the floors, because the scenery is amazing we decided to have a little fun in the Colorado Springs area.  We visited the Focus on the Family Visitors Center.  Anyone been?  The kids LOVED it.  There is a three story slide, children’s play place, radio recording studio for the little kids to try out and, best of all, it’s totally free.  You’ll see that we did a lot of free activities on this vacation.  Colorado is great for large families who like free.

The Diva playing on the airplane in the play place.  The kids had some fun imaginative play in there.  
After leaving Focus on the Family, with a whole lot of stickers and 5 hours of CDs of the radio program Adventures in Odyssey to listen to on the car ride home, we went to tour the Air Force Academy.  The drive up there had all of the kids in awe.  Even the Diva was shouting “MOUNTAINS!” at every bend in the road.  It had us all in stitches.  
The FullPlate Kids at the overlook near the Air Force Academy.  

Finally we made it to Giggles’ BFF’s house for dinner, which was super tasty.  Since she is back in school already, it was SO difficult for Giggles to wait all day.  ShyGuy kept asking too.  It was like they didn’t believe they were really going to be together again.  The Duo kept asking every five minutes “now we will go see her?”.  There was about 10 minutes of shyness and then it was like old times.  The boys went to play wii and the girls went to string beads.  I snuck in to take this picture and heard Giggles asking her oldest friend “have you seen Princess and the Frog? The princess is black…like us!!!”.  I laughed and left them to chat.  
who loves her black princesses.  

2 thoughts on “Colorado 2010 (aka Out of Africa 2010 Reunion)–Colorado Springs.”

  1. For the first time in months, I just heard a Ghana “Aaaaay!” from Efia. She thinks Giggly’s hair is “SO SO SOOOO awesome!!” It sounds like you had a wonderful reunion. I am sure that the kids had a great time together. Please tell me you have about 100 more photos to post today! THank you, thank you for the smiles this morning.


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