Colorado 2010 (aka Out of Africa 2010 Reunion)–Breckenridge.

Sorry, I was at therapy with Bubbly and then at work for the rest of the day.  I’m exhausted.  But, I had to post some more pics.  

After a great day in Colorado Springs, we headed for Breckenridge for some real mountain scenery.  It was “a little cold” according to Giggles (it wasn’t at all, the girl is cold in 68 degree weather).  We had a lovely picnic in a local park and then headed out to tour the downtown.  Since I am widely known as the cheapest woman alive, we kept up the tradition of sticking with free activities.  We toured the former home of an escaped slave who became a prominent businessman in Breckenridge.  Awesome lesson in history.

Yes.  My children toured a museum.  They didn’t touch a thing.  I’m quite proud.  After the museum we played at the playground near the Visitors Center.  The kids were quite happy as we chose our next destination.
We decided to head to the Fire Station next.  We thought we would be touring the Fire Truck Museum.  We got to tour the actual Fire Station.  Firefighter Jeff was awesome with the kids.  The Diva and FPD went to play while the rest of us were very excited to get backstage access to “fiderfighters” (as GigantoBaby would say).

Firefighter Jeff even showed us his awesome equipment.  Bubbly was a little nervous until she realized how cool Firefighter Jeff really is.

When it was all done they got to pose with their new hero, on the front of the fire truck.  Then they got a firefighter hat of their own.
All in all, one awesome day.  And, for the cheapest woman alive, even more exciting that I didn’t have to spend a dime to get all those smiles.  
who has been hearing a lot of talk of a “fire on Main Street” lately, better grab your hats, coats and boots!  

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