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To bring you an important viewing opportunity.  If your children came from where mine did, and you’ve been affected by the lies of the people in charge of the orphanage, then this story will mean a lot to you.  Here is the story of a Korean adoptee who was given the identity of another little girl after the other child’s adoption fell through.  These type of lies are rampant in adoption, and they have a lifelong impact on our children.  PBS will be airing several adoption specials in the coming weeks.  They all look very thought provoking, but this one hit especially close to home.  Click on the link below to view the trailer and get more information.

who would love it if the lies just stopped.

One thought on “We interrupt these vacation posts…

  1. A year ago I would have said “That NEVER happens!” Now I know better. Now I wonder who is really sitting at my kitchen table and how long it will be before we know her true story. Maybe we won’t, ever. She tells her own version that seems somewhat true and somewhat “fed” and a little bit of fear of the reality of her past. The lies will never stop. I would love it, too but there will always be corruption and greed, and that is what drives the deceit.

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