Dessert, Out of Africa 2010

Colorado 2010 (aka Out of Africa 2010 Reunion)–Breckenridge with the BFF.

Finally!  Our friends have arrived.  Our kids couldn’t focus on movie night and the giggling was so loud that I thought we were going to get complaints by the neighbors for sure.  But, the kids managed to get some sleep that night so that FPD could make pancakes in the morning.

Pancake Breakfast.

Then it was on to the morning’s activities.  We rode the (free) gondola up to the top of Peak 8. 
GigantoBaby loves his Kara.

We stopped at the Fun Park at the top, but the cheapest woman alive (me) wouldn’t let the kids do the bounce house at $8/person for 5 minutes or climb the rock wall and $10/person.  Ouch.  So, we set out for more free fun.  At the bottom, a helpful man told us that “Tons of Trucks” was going on that weekend.  So, we set out to see some huge trucks.
Responsiboy showing you just how big the tire is.

After we were done there was a picnic lunch and on to the neighboring town’s free kid’s fun fest where the kids got to jump in the bounce house and climb the rock wall, you guessed it, for free.  
ResponsiBoy conquers the wall.

We even got in some face painting and bungey trampoline time.  The kids thought flipping in that harness was the coolest part of vacation.  
Bubbly with her face bling.

Flying high.

Giggles got some major air.

Climbing the rock wall got the kids a $5 coupon to Taco Bell.  So, after this it was free tacos for all.  Kara and I calculated and we spent $0.33 for the day.  Not too shabby.  We laughed about our other issues, the ones with Ghana, the ones with our kids, etc. and then laughed because at least we had free tacos.  You’re thankful for your blessings where you’ve got them.  And, who would have thought that just six months after our horrific ordeal in Ghana that our girls would be together looking like this?
Giggles and her Ghanaian BFF.

who will take her $0.33 tacos and praise God for the blessings He pours out, even when they involve cheap Mexican food.  I am one lucky mama.  

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