Prayer and Praise Sunday–Thank God for Allowing me to be a Mom.

Somedays, I’m frustrated and tired.  Somedays, I’m cranky and have a headache.  Somedays, the girls drink their own bath water (excluding Giggles, of course) and the boys tell on each other way too much.  Somedays, I find it hard to muster gratitude for the gift God has given me.

I have received this video in my email (thanks Heather) and have seen it on about five different blogs just when I needed it most.  I found it again today.  I needed it again today.  Maybe someone else needs it today as well, maybe they’ll find their inspiration to keep going right here.  I’m going to send out a prayer for all the women out there who aren’t super mom, just like I am not.  I’m also going to send up a huge praise though for the God who blessed me with the privilege of being a mom, something that I could never have done without his guidance.  I will continue to rely on Him as I struggle through days like today.

who really does think that all you moms out there are doing “terrifically well”.

1 thought on “Prayer and Praise Sunday–Thank God for Allowing me to be a Mom.”

  1. “Know that in faith, things will be made right because of you.” This is hard to believe some days, when I feel like I’m doing it all wrong. But I believe what Elder Holland says. I watch the video almost every day and it still touches me deeply each time. We are harder on ourselves than anyone else. One day at a time, my friend. We’ll make it through.


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