First Day of School.

We had our first day of school up here yesterday.  It couldn’t have gone better.  ShyGuy entered Kindergarten, Middle-Middle went to 1st grade, ResponsiBoy is now in 2nd grade and Giggles moved up to 3rd grade.  We weren’t sure if Giggles was going to be able to catch up enough to go into 3rd grade.  She did phenomenal over the summer.  She reads at a mid-2nd grade level (she read at a low 1st grade level at the end of the school year), but she is doing great.   She is now doing math at a 2nd grade level if she has her “number chart” in front of her.  She needs to work on math facts.  Otherwise, she’s multiplying and dividing and working on fractions.  I hope that by next fall she’ll be right at grade level.  She works so hard.  We have zero issues with motivation.  The girl begs for homework. 

Here they are all ready to go on their first day.

From left to right: ShyGuy, Giggles, Middle-Middle and ResponsiBoy.  This is the first pic where it hit me how much ShyGuy and Giggles look alike!  They both look just like their birth mom.  They are very proud of this.  It makes me smile.

In the biggest news of the day, Middle-Middle has learned to tie his shoes.  Since ShyGuy could do it already when he came to the U.S, the pressure was on (sibling rivalry at its finest).  M-M has been working on shoe tying as “homework” every day and, for the first time, he was able to do it multiple times yesterday.  It finally clicked.  He tied his shoes himself this morning.  
who loves the little things, like watching her kids learn to tie their shoes.  

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