Prayer and Praise Sunday–Child Dedication.

It’s Prayer and Praise Sunday today.  My prayer today is for a couple that has been trying to become a family for quite some time.  I’m praying that God hears our prayers and that now is your time.  You have walked through fire, just like FPD and I did.  It’s time.  Our hearts are with you today.
My praise today involves becoming a family.  Just like Bubbly has officially become a member of the FullPlate Family, we have also officially committed to raising her “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”.  In fact, we were able to stand up, as a family, and make that commitment to all of our children.  If you had asked me while I was sweating out their visas in Ghana if I thought this moment would have ever come, I would have told you no.  But, if you ask Giggles about it, she would tell you that she knew with absolute certainty that this was God’s plan for her.  I love that about Giggles, she never waivers in her Faith.   She even chose that as her middle name.
Bubbly and I as FPD and I committed to raising her with Christ at our sides.   
The Diva, in true Diva form, wanted to do it herself.  

The thought of this very moment is what carried me through Ghana.
Thank you God, for bringing us together.

who is fasting today, for the first time since Ghana, for the family who needs their moment now too.  

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