Bread and Butter

Prayer and Praise Sunday–A prayer for those searching for employment.

This week’s prayer and praise has to do with FPD and our outside the home jobs.  We each have two of them.  I don’t talk about them much here, because the focus of this blog is to document the kids, their adoptions and their childhood in general.  But, our jobs allow us the flexibility to be with them to enjoy all these moments.  My career as a Pediatric RN at our local children’s hospital Urgent Care Clinic, along with owning my own small business, has allowed us to have the flexibility to go abroad to adopt three children in the last year.  FPD’s jobs have allowed him to be there, with me, for those children now that they are home.  So, this week’s praise is for these jobs, especially when the economy is making it so hard for people to find employment at all.  So, as much as I complain about all the people out there who call me at the clinic to discuss how their child fell off their bike, while not wearing a helmet, or the parents who call when their child has a “high fever”, but they didn’t actually take their temperature, I am thankful for the clinic and my role there.

My prayer this week is for all those people, like my own siblings, who recently have or will soon be entering the workforce.  It’s tough out there right now.  For everyone who is transitioning in their career right now, our prayers are with you.

who wants you to put a bike helmet on your child.

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